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New, Aftermarket Mercedes Benz R320 Cabin Air Filters

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$ 28.95

2007-2009 Mercedes Benz R320 Cabin Air Filter

R320 Cdi; R320 BlueTec (2009); High Quality TYC Brand.. High Quality TYC Brand.




Dealer Price: $50.08

  • TYC #: 800129C2
  • PartsLink #: CA9001129
  • Reference #: 44673
  • Replacement OEM Number:
    164-830-02-18 (1648300218)

Ellen DeAngelis
Ellen DeAngelis

I was in need of a new passenger side mirror on my 2004 Honda Element, seems my son didn't see the large pole he was parking next too. I checked with the local Honda dealer and was flabbergasted by the cost of the part and installation - nearly $400!! Additionally, the dealer didn't have the part in stock and it would be 1-2 weeks until they got one. The mirror didn't look all that difficult to remove and install, so I did some web surfing to find the part elsewhere. Go-part.com came up in my first search. The website was really easy to maneuver through and in a very short time I had found the mirror I needed at a very reasonable cost!! I ordered the part and within 2 days it was delivered to my home. The installation instructions were very easy follow and within 10 minutes I had removed my old mirror and replaced it with my new mirror!! Go-part.com had even suggested I record the installation and submit to them, but I didn't have anyone to hold the camera while I worked. I have recommended this site to many of my friends who need parts for their cars.

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