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About Us, Go-Parts

Service, Quality, Reliability

Go-Parts was founded after a group of "car guys" and "computer guys" (us) realized how hard and costly it was to find good parts online. With this we set out to create the perfect buying experience for people looking for parts. To ensure that you receive the highest quality parts and service, our staff consists of ASE-certified technicians and SAE members. Our staff is available to assist you by phone, email, or online chat. Go-Parts is dedicated to diversity in the workplace.

The Go-Parts website was designed to make buying parts as clear and easy as possible. A state-of-the-art search system leads the customer straight to the parts they need. All product information is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Here at Go-Parts we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the fastest shipping, the most reliable customer service, and as an official CAPA distributor, the highest quality auto parts in the market today.

Every part comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. In addition, most orders are shipped out within 24 hours.

Meet the Go-Parts Team

These are the people that make Go-Parts "tick" (if we were like a clock); it probably makes more sense to say these are the people that make Go-Parts a "well-oiled" auto parts company. This is our team, and the people who are making everything work to your satisfaction.

We believe in "business transparency" where you can see who you are doing business with, and contact us at anytime to help make your experience easier, faster, and safer. We're also human, so feel free to connect with us at any given point either by e-mail or by phone to get your problems solved, or to understand the shortest distance between you and a great experience with Go-Parts!

Dan Derebenskiy
Dan Derebenskiy, President

The founding member of Go-Parts, Dan has been programming for nearly all of his life. In 2002, he began handling web design responsibilities for a variety of small businesses, until eventually turning his full attention to e-commerce in 2004. A sound understanding of resource management and an eye for talent has helped Dan create Go-Parts from the ground up. Operationally, Dan is the "tie that binds", ensuring that all key components are functioning properly, and providing the IT insight, talent, and skill that many companies must outsource at a substantial capital cost.

Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

With more than 15 years of experience marketing in the entertainment and corporate arenas, Sean is an inventive marketer that is tasked with managing the Go-Parts brand from the consumer perspective. Well-versed in social media advertising strategies, his background in content creation allow the organization to consistently produce high-level content and advertising messages across a variety of platforms. Additionally, extensive experience in the training of customer services teams helps to ensure that branding efforts are always reflected in the proper treatment of existing and future customers. Sean’s passion for networking and experience as a public speaker in a variety of forums serves Go-Parts well.

John Calderon
John Calderon, Customer Support Manager

John is cool as a cucumber.  And yes, he does wear those shades to work every day.  He's constantly bumping into walls and stuff, but it's okay because he's cool.  It's the cost of being cool.  No one is cooler than John.  John is who Mike Posner was talking about in the song "cooler than me".  John is the guy you talk to when you need help with something.  Whether it's an order you need help with, or a part you're not sure how to find, John is the man to help you find what you need.  It's a good thing he's a touch typist, because the shades make it hard for him to see a keyboard.  Without John we wouldn't be able to maintain our high customer service standards, and the standards required to have such high ratings on 3rd party websites like for example.  All that, and he has the uncanny ability to be cool.  The warehouse could be burning down, and John would say: "Hey everybody. . .chill out.  It's under control."  He extends that ability to customer service and can work out the most difficult situations with a cool, calm, collected approach.  Did we mention he's cool?

Brian Rose
Brian Rose, Director of Operations, Southwest Region

Brian epitomizes what support should be like.  Whether you have a problem with your order after the fact, or you need some help on how to install a particular part on your vehicle, Brian will make that happen.  He smiles so much he makes us smile.  His efforts make things easy for customers like you in the end, and Brian does this all with a smile.  Brian can come to work after being run over by a bus, and would still smile even if his spleen was squashed.  He'd just chuckle and say: "I'll take care of it."  Ironically, Brian's a fan of the movie "Scarface", and we have to say Tony Montana would've loved Brian, and the movie might have had a different ending if Tony had Brian as his technical support manager.  Whether you have an issue with the site, or just a plain parts question, Brian is the man you'll likely end up talking to, if someone else doesn't defer to him after you speak to them first!  Brian is also our guinea pig when we roll out new changes to find out how customers might respond to those changes.  Without Brian, getting things done in general might be more difficult of a task.

Mike Derebenskiy
Mike Derebenskiy, Product Manager

Mike handles the actual parts that you find on the Go-Parts website.  He writes the descriptions, adds them to the website, makes sure that the pictures you see are accurate and that the specifications listed, and information listed is accurate to your specific vehicle.  Mike is also a CSUS pre-physical therapy student, and with his finesse on our products, we can only imagine what he'll do as a physical therapist.  "Magic Hands" Mike, also plays a saxophone.  Now does that surprise you at all?  Our parts are put into their best light because of Mike, and without Mike, we might not have the accuracy that we have in our parts descriptions, specifications, and vehicle descriptions.  Mike could probably touch a pumpkin and turn it into a stagecoach.  He's just that good.  He's not your fairy godmother, he's "Magic Hands" Mike.  Don't believe us, touch your screen right now, and you'll turn into a customer!

Great People, Great Prices, Go-Parts!

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